Welcome To My New Blog

I am not new to blogging, but this is my new blog. When my old blog became a dumping ground for links to male enhancement products and freaky adult oriented “entertainment” sites I was pretty annoyed and just left it behind. Now I am looking at it as motivation to start a new blog.
I am not really sure what this will turn in to, but I intend it to be my public airing of my addiction to all things gadget related. Real hands on reviews of devices, apps, sites, and whatever else has my attention at the moment. I am totally obsessed with technology and the advances made in the tech world on a daily basis. Maybe some of my posts will answer some questions. Maybe in some way I will help people with questions. Maybe I will bring a smile to someone’s face. Whatever it becomes, I appreciate you stopping by.
I feel I am required to give the following disclaimer though. There may be times when my language or comments may be offensive to some. I will try to apply my diarrhea of the mouth filter but it doesn’t always fit. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! So until someone let’s me write for their site, it’s all free game.
-freak out