T-Mobile S6 &S6 Edge Memory Upgrade This Weekend Only!!!

In case you have missed other reports or the current television spots, this weekend only T-Mobile will let you purchase a new S6 or S6 Edge with more memory for free.  Check out http://www.tmobile.com and the promo should be right there on the home page.  It  looks a little  something like this:

Double the memory for free this weekend only!

When I first heard about this promotion I was pretty annoyed as I had just bought the 32GB S6 and felt I was kind of getting screwed  again.  I finally learned my lesson about not buying the hot new phone as soon as it comes out as it seems this has become common practice.  If you can wait  a month after the phone comes out, there is more often than not a promotion like this that will surely have you regretting the pre-order purchase you made to have the coolest new phone before any one else. Since I carry multiple phones daily I convinced myself that I could get away with the 32GB model and didn’t need to spend the extra $100 for the 64GB.  My plan was just to be cautious about what apps I install and limit music to cloud based options.  However, if there was a way to get the extra 32GB for free it seemed like a no-brainer. I could download whatever I wanted to local storage and not have to worry about it. I realized I was still within the 14 day “buyers remorse” period and I could return the 32GB and then get the 64GB.  I was struggling to convince myself that it would be worth paying the $50 restocking fee to get the extra storage.  I could just keep on keeping an eye on what I was installing and not keeping music and such on local storage.

Thankfully the good peeps at tmonews.com made my decision a whole lot easier.  According to an internal T-Mobile communication, if customers are within the 14 day return period the $50 restocking fee is to be waived.  See Below:


You can read more about this here: http://www.tmonews.com/2015/05/t-mobile-could-let-you-swap-your-32gb-s6-or-s6-edge-for-a-64gb-this-weekend-if-you-bought-it-recently-enough-leak/

Being the cynic that I am, I am going to be shocked if when I go to the same store I originally bought the phone from the exchange process goes off without a hitch.  I am waiting for the store to be open for a little while before I go in with a print out of this memo that I am sure they will claim to know nothing about.  It sucks to be like that, but the level of customer service varies greatly from store to store.  That is kind of ironic considering I live in the Birmingham AL area where they just opened a new customer service call center.  Maybe I will drop a card in their suggestion box that the store employees spend a week in training at the call center.  I will post again after I go to the store with an update on how it goes.


One thought on “T-Mobile S6 &S6 Edge Memory Upgrade This Weekend Only!!!

  1. While I am now enjoying the freedom of an extra 32GB of storage after trading my 32GB S6 for a 64GB S6, the process did not go as smoothly as I had hoped but it was as much of a pain in the ass as expected. Here is the play by play of my exchange experience.

    * I had multiple store options to go to and do the exchange. I decided to go to the store I had originally bought the 32GB S6 from which normally provides pretty good customer service compared to other stores in the area. I arrived around 1:00 PM thinking this would have given them time to read any internal communications and promotion details. There were a couple other customers milling around the store, but 3 employees and 1 “manager” (2 of which were doing nothing but playing on their personal phones). I could tell as soon as I started talking that the girl helping me was not going to be much help. After explaining what I was wanting to do, the very first thing out of her mouth was that I would have to pay the $50 restocking fee. I asked if she was sure about that and if she could check for any corporate internal communications about the promotion and being able to waive the $50 restocking fee. She said there was nothing like that and no way to waive the restocking fee. I showed her the printed copy of the screen shot of the memo mentioned before. She said she would have to check with her manager. She returns with the manager who is holding the print out I brought in. He repeats that there is absolutely no way he has the ability to waive the restocking fee. He said the only thing he could do would be to call customer care and see if they would credit my account the $50 restocking fee. I said that was better than doing nothing at all.
    * As the employee is talking to customer care, her attitude could not have been any crappier! She is discussing with the customer care rep on the phone how “it is too bad when people just want to exploit the system”. In the end they agree to credit me the restocking fee on my bill but I would have to pay the $62 ($50 plus tax, etc…). The dirty looks from every other employee in the store and the attitude from the girl “helping” me made it clear they could not get me out of the store fast enough.

    In the end the kind of did what the promotion was supposed to do even though I ended up paying $12 for the extra 32GB of storage (which I do realize is a good deal) even though the memo leaked in the post above made me believe I should have paid nothing, My biggest issue with the whole process was the bad attitudes and poor customer service. They made me believe the ONLY reason I was getting the credit was because I have been a customer for so long. Ok, that’s fine but I didn’t really appreciate being accused of “exploiting the system”. Most retail establishments have some kind of policy relating to pricing changes or promotions within a 14 day period from date of purchase. How is is this really any different. Honestly if they hadn’t done something to honor the free memory upgrade I would have felt ripped off and would have been quite a bit more irate. In my opinion restocking fees in general are pretty much a bunch of horse shit. Seriously, what is this really costing T-Mobile by honoring the promotion and letting me exchange the phone. The phone I returned had every single accessory (including the plastic) and there were no signs of wear on the phone at all!
    I have always had good luck when calling customer care and with T-Mobile investing the money in expanding the customer service center here in Birmingham, I believe they do actually care about good customer service. I believe they need to have more people responsible for training the store reps on good customer service and staying up to date on promotions. They should go in as an undercover customer to see the problems first hand, then go back to address the issues. It would be nice to not have to think that a process like this is going to be a nightmare before even getting to the store. Maybe next time! TPF

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