Top 10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Technology

Dear Fellow Gadget Freaks,
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  I admit it! My name is thatphonefreak and I am addicted to technology! Wondering if you are too? I have created this top 10 list of signs that you may be addicted as well!

10. You base how productive your day has been on how far you got on Angry Birds Go!

9. You have the maximum number of lines on your account that your carrier will allow, but you live alone.

8. You have a more open and trusting relationship with your phone than you do with your spouse.

7. You have bought so many phones/gadgets off of Craigslist you are recognized at the mall more than once.

6. On your Birthday you get a card with twenty bucks in it from the guy at the phone store.

5. YOU are the sole reason the local Radio Shack is still open.

4. When you see someone using a flip phone, you feel it is your civic duty to verbally abuse them.

3. You put more thought in to which ROM you are going to use than who you choose to date.

2. After seeing the movie Her, all of your friends start calling you just to “check in”

1. This list makes you feel bad about yourself and question the choices you have made.


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